Welcome to Unique Human

What is Unique Human?

Unique Human (UH) connects World ID holders ("Unique Humans") with DApps offering exclusive benefits like airdrops and whitelists, for real people, not bots.


  1. Over 5.7 million unique individuals worldwide have already completed iris verification and obtained their World ID. However, apps that utilize World ID have no way to reach out to these users to promote their services.

  2. Conversely, over 5.7 million World ID holders are eager to discover apps developed specifically for 'Unique Humans'. Yet, aside from a few apps featured in the World App, there is no easy way for them to find new and diverse applications.


That's why Unique Human was created. On one side, we gather individuals who hold World ID, and on the other side, we aggregate apps that utilize World ID. Thus, we bridge the gap between the two groups who are eager to connect.

This concept starts with a simple idea, but ultimately, our goal is to evolve into a vibrant community for Unique Humans and serve as a gateway to an internet composed solely of real people.

Unique Human DAO Contributors

Unique Human DAO Contributors are projects, entities, or individuals who contribute their efforts to make the UH platform more sustainable and beneficial for everyone.

Backed by trusted backers. A native currency powering Unique Human.

AI3, formerly known as Chain Partners, is a company researching more cost-effective Orb, supported by a Wave0 grant from the Worldcoin Foundation. AI3 supports product development for Unique Human DAO.


An industry-leading veteran with over 8 years in the Web3 field, Yoda has developed more than 30 products. He currently spearheads the planning and strategy for Unique Human.


One of the pioneering developers in the Worldcoin ecosystem, Song has been instrumental in creating web services utilizing World ID. At Unique Human, he is responsible for product development.


A seasoned Smart Contract developer with 9 years of experience in the Ethereum ecosystem, Carl has contributed to the development of various Dapps and Layer 2 protocols. He focuses on on-chain contract development for Unique Human.


With extensive experience as a BD in the Web3 space, particularly with L1, Dapps, and NFTs, Brian currently oversees marketing and BD efforts for Unique Human.



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